How is it performed?


The low temperature of the tissue is usually achieved through the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is usually kept in special containers. During the contact of liquid nitrogen to the skin , through spraying or contact probes freezing if the skin is caused . Soon swelling and redness are created in the area and [...]

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How does cryotherapy work?


During the freezing of the skin ice crystals are formed both inside and outside of the cell. This results blood stasis within the vessels, tissue anoxia and finally necrosis of the diseased tissue. A successful technique is considered the rapid freezing of the lesion and its slow defrosting. Multiple cryotherapy sessions of smaller duration cause [...]

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What is applied cryotherapy on?


Cryotherapy is used for treatment of following skin lesions, in alphabetical order: Cherry angiomas Angiolymphomatoid hyperplasia Hemangioma Squamous cell carcinoma Acne Actinic lips Actinic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Oral mucocele Cutaneous horn Cutaneous leishmaniasis Dermatofibroma Scabs Facial granuloma Solar lentigo Folds pappiloma – warts Malignant lentigo Benign hemangiomas Campbell de Morgan Keratoacanthoma Lymphangiomas Leukoplakia Melasma [...]

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