How does it manifest?


Initially there are small, pink, hard bumps like pearls but gradually they grow until a central area of atrophic skin is developed. Some patients notice the lesion only when they scratch it and it bleeds a little but does not heal correctly.

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What is the cause?


The main cause of this type of cancer is the repeated and extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or from tanning lamps and so it appears mainly in unprotected areas of the skin. The persons at high risk have fair skin, blond or red hair and blue, green or gray eyes. This cancer [...]

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Is there danger of a relapse?


Persons who have developed basal cell carcinoma are at high risk to develop other kinds of skin cancer over time either in the same area or in another. Therefore regular visits to the dermatologist must become a routine so that the whole skin area can be examined. Also the constant use of sunscreen with high [...]

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Types of treatment?


Treatment depends on the size, depth and position of the cancer. The longer it stays untreated the bigger and deeper the basal cell carcinoma will be. Treatments may include scraping and electrocauterisation of the cancer, cryotherapy, local medication, radiation, PDT, laser removal, excisional surgery or Mohs’ micrographic surgery.

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