What is Atopic Dermatitis ?


Atopic dermatitis, the well known eczema, is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which infects 15-30% of the children and 2-10% of the adults. Its frequent flares afflict the patients significantly degrading their quality of life. According to the experts 60% of the patients with atopic dermatitis show symptoms of the disease in the first year [...]

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What is the clinical picture of Atopic Dermatitis?


In children atopic dermatitis usually manifests as a skin rash on the face before spreading to the hands and legs. Older children and adults may initially observe red, sensitive skin areas behind the knees, on the elbows or the neck, on the wrist, the ankles and the hands. It also can infect the skin around [...]

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What is the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis?


The atopic dermatitis treatment aims first on the rehydration of the skin with moisturisers to prevent dry skin, which is responsible for the intense itching. Then medication is administered, under the guidance of a dermatologist, e.g. antihistamines to control itching, antibiotics to fight secondary infections, and local corticosteroids ( in the form of cream or [...]

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