• The method LPG-Endermologie is the only treatment that has both the two stages of FDA approval (1st safety and 2nd efficiency) and that makes it unique in the treatment of localized fat and cellulitis. It is applied on all areas of localized fat, skin laxity or cellulitis, with a different program in the device’s computer and an individualized program for every area. It can be done in every season and especially before summer when the objective is to look good in a swimsuit on the beach It has a contraindication for pregnancy and for ages over 65 years. After the childbirth it has beneficial results since there is a special program for restoring tissues and firming. With a special head stimulation and normalization of the tissues is performed, by breaking up the overweight cells and loosening of the intercellular septa. With the help of the computer the pressure or suction applied on the tissue is different on each point normalizing unwanted puddles. At the same time congestion is caused in the area creating better blood flow and tissue regeneration. Every session lasts 40-5- minutes, it is pleasant like a whole body massage and 15-20 sessions are usually needed.
  • Mesotherapy
    It is the injectable form (as opposed to the mechanical of LPG) of cellulitis treatment. It refers to substances which are catalysts to the chemical procedures of metabolism, accelerating the body’s functions-lipolysis, production of elastin and collagen- by a hundredfold. Depending on the problem there are corresponding substances. An enzyme monotherapy may be used or a cocktail from fat dissolvers and firming substances if the problem is not only cellulitis but also localized fat and laxity. Mesotherapy treats cellulitis and laxity on thighs, glutes, belly, arms and can be performed all year long regardless of sun exposure. It is not indicated for people allergic to the substances used, to pregnant and breast feeding women. Before the treatment medical history is required to avoid allergic reactions. After treatment and for 24 hours it is prohibited to take a hot bath and to exercise. The combination with the LPG method increases improvements greatly. 6-8 sessions are needed every 15 days. Maintenance session : once a month.
  • PDO threads
    A new therapeutic approach is that of threads, a treatment performed in the clinic with local anesthesia (numbing cream) and with needles smaller than those of acupuncture.
    Basically a matrix of special threads is placed subcutaneous (harmless because they are also used in cardiac surgery ). At the same time infusion of mesotherapeutic substances can be performed for maximum results. The thread matrix creates a tissue support and breaks the septa that causes the well known cellulitis puddles. If the problem is intense the best solution is a combination of the above treatments.