Clamydia infection is the most common sexually transmitted illness. It is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and it infects more often young people who have an intense sexual life and mainly multiple partners.

he name of this bacteria derives from the ancient greek word “χλαμύδα” (which means “mantle”) because of its form, since it looks like it cloaks like a mantle the core of the infected cell.

The transmission of the disease can be done with any kind of sexual act πράξης (vaginal, anal and oral sex), even with the hands after they touched the genitals, it even can be transmitted from the infected mother to the baby during normal (vaginal) childbirth, during the passage of the baby through the birth canal..

What is encouraging is that there is an effective cure, while the downside is the inexistence in many cases of any symptom, and so the difficulty of a timely diagnose, as well as the serious implications it can have if not treated in time.