The first signs after infection with the virus HSV2, usually manifest after 2 weeks.

Initially small blisters appear on the genitals or the area of the rectum.

Then they break and local ulcers are caused accompanied by pain and itchiness.
They can also be accompanied by swelling of the pelvic lymph nodes, a general illness feeling and rarely by fever.

The ulcers heal after 2 weeks. But there is a possibility that the same clinical signs reappear.
Most patients infected by the virus HSV2, do not notice it because the symptoms are mild or do not develop ulcers.

Patients who manifest clinical signs of genital herpes , may have recurrences of the disease, with repeated episodes up to 4-5 times every year.But gradually the frequency and severity of the new episodes diminishes.

Persons who know that they are infected by the virus HSV may feel awkward and sad because of that fact.