Photodynamic therapy in Actinic Hyperkeratosis

For the treatment of Actinic Hyperkeratosis with MAL, the cream must be applied on the lesions after preparation of the skin. This includes removal of hyperkeratosis and scales in order for the drug to be absorbed better. Then MAL (Metvix) is applied with occlusion for about 3 hours and then follows exposure to 37J/cm2 or 75J/cm2 red light. Photodynamic therapies are done every 3 months or every week according to the treatment protocol.

Photodynamic therapy in Basal Cell Carcinoma

Metvix is the only substance which has been approved for use in basal cell carcinomas, in superficial or nodular basal cell carcinoma on the head or scalp. The reoccurrences and the effectiveness are comparable to that of surgical excision, cryotherapy and other forms of treatment but the but the aesthetic result is clearly superior

Photodynamic therapy for photoaging

The extensive use of photodynamic therapy, although not indicated, is widely used for the treatment of photoaging. The parameters concerning the application time, the light energy and the duration of the treatment can be diversified.

Photodynamic therapy for Acne

PDTwith use of Metvix has been used successfully for the treatment of acne because it achieves clinical reduction of the sebum production and of the size of the sebaceous glands. It is proven with biopsies the destruction of the sebaceous glands, leading to long term remission. The fact that red light has deeper penetrability makes it more suitable than blue light.

Photodynamic therapy for Bowen Disease

The use of MAL (metvix) is indicated in Europe for the treatment of Bowen disease, in case where surgical removal is less suitable. Bowen disease is one of the best indications for PDT because the lesions are big and surgery can lead to creation of scars.