The back-and-forth motion  causes the creation of tiny vacuum  bubbles (cavities) in the interstitial fluid of the targeted area. These bubbles oscillate and expand with great speed, because of the sound field, applying pressure on the walls of the fat cells until they burst. The rupture of the bubbles creates a shock wave which causes the rupture of the fat cells’ walls. This way the contents of the destroyed fat cells ( triglycerides, cholesterol, toxins ) are perfused in the interstitial fluid and are emulsified.

The elimination procedure of cellular debris through the lymphatic system is usually completed within 72 hours, so it is recommended to the patient to consume before and after the session 1.5 l of water and to engage in light exercise ( e.g. walking) for 3 days after the application’s date.

Results are immediately visible, 2-3 cm every time and the fat cell elimination procedure takes several days.

It takes place once a week and the session lasts 30 minutes.

It is the ideal method for removal of accumulated local fat deposits for men as well as for women.