Project Description

Using the latest advances in laser technology we are able to address a variety of dermatological conditions in a way that is safe, efficient, minimally discomforting and highly effective.  At Cyprus Derma Clinic we use laser treatments for:

Skin Rejuvenation

The Nd-YAG Laser stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen, elastic fibers and all the other substances needed for rejuvenating your skin.

It is a treatment that gives excellent results either when used alone or most reliably when used in combination with other treatments like PRP Mesotherapy.  Patients who are treated with this laser often experience no redness and can return to their everyday schedule immediately.

Several treatments (three to five) are usually required to achieve optimal results.

Your doctor will be able to provide an estimate of the number of treatments you need.

This Laser has also excellent results on acne patients.

Er-YAG Laser 

The Er-YAG Laser is an invasive laser used to treat the severely damaged skin with resurfacing. The laser’s light energy encourages natural collagen production and decreases the appearance of wrinkles.

Laser Hair Removal

With Cynosure Laser system unwanted hair can be removed permanently quickly and with minimal discomfort.

The results achieved with laser hair removal are  better by far than those achieved with electrolysis, and certainly exceed any results one can accomplish with waxing or shaving.

Cyprus Derma Clinic uses the Cynosure laser system, which delivers light to the root of the hair follicles, destroying them permanently.  As with all hair lasers, the Cynosure laser targets the dark pigment of the hair root. Follow-up treatments are usually required.  The Cynosure laser is currently the best available technology for laser hair removal.

The Cynosure Laser System has been FDA approved for use on all types of skin .  Because of the wavelength of laser utilized by the Cynosure laser, this laser can be safely used on darker skin.

Treatment of Brown Spots

Brown marks, which commonly arise on the face and hands and other sun exposed areas during middle age, can be treated safely and effectively with a Q Alexandrite laser or CO2 Laser.

This laser targets each individual spot and causes the brown lesions to slough off.

One to two weeks later the skin looks much more clean and bright. Usually the treatment has to be repeated or combined with other treatments, like peelings, for best results.

Treatment of Red Spots and Facial Veins

Another condition our patients often want to treat is the removal of red spots and facial veins.

The Nd-YAG Laser  is commonly used to treat dilated blood vessels and vascular lesions.

Patients often see results within four to six weeks following treatment.  Typically two treatments are all that is required to achieve significant improvement.