Coxsackie Virus

  by Dr. Yiannis Neofytou

Coxsackie Virus

Coxsackie virus is a member of the enterovirus family and lives in the human digestive tract. It can be transmitted from person to person, usually when we do not wash our hands well and surfaces that have been contaminated with feces. In these areas the Coxsackie virus can survive for several days.
Symptoms in infants and children include:
Non-specific febrile disease, which is the most common form
Hand-foot-mouth disease It is characterized by maculopapular, vesicular and ulcerative lesions that appear on the oropharynx, hands and feet (sometimes in the diaper area). Lesions can affect the palms and soles of the feet.
Upper and lower respiratory tract infections
Acute rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchiolitis, bronchitis
Acute gastroenteritis
There is no specific treatment. Symptomatic and supportive treatment with analgesics, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs is recommended to treat fever and relieve mouth pain. Hydration is very important, especially in young children.


Mesopen is an alternative form of mesotherapy. It helps the penetration of active substances, creating portals of entry into the skin barrier with the creation of controlled micronulls, thanks to its specially designed head (pen with 12 tiny titanium pins), without obvious skin injury. Through this mechanism of action, the penetration capacity of the active substances increases.



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