by Dr. Yiannis Neofytou

What are callus and how are they created?

Callus are the formation of local sclerosis on the feet. When areas of our feet receive constant pressure and strain, our body reacts by creating a hard surface on the skin. Callus and sclerosis can be caused by several causes, such as:

1.Pathological diseases, such as arthritis.

2.Injuries and injuries.

3.Standing – discomfort of the legs.

4.Improper footwear such as high heels, tight and incorrectly fitted shoes.

Callus can appear both on the sole and on the joints. They look like circular, hard bumps with a yellowish appearance.They are quite painful due to the pressure of the callus nucleus on the nerves that cross the lower part of the skin.

How is the problem of callus treated?

The most important part of treating painful foot scars is prevention. Choosing shoes with the right fit and shape to reduce high foot pressure is probably the most important rule of prevention.

Callus are cleaned by specialists, such as dermatologist. They are painlessly removed with a surgical blade. A common misconception is that cleaning the callus with a blade causes it to deteriorate, which is not the case as hardening is caused by pressure and friction. Ιn order to eliminate a callus, however, it is necessary to address the reason for its creation (eg shoes, bone protrusions), otherwise the callus will be re-created each time.

If your dermatologist deems it right, he will advise you on using orthotics or silicone devices to reduce the excessive pressure from the hard spots.

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